Posted by: AG | August 12, 2010

Printing posters in small quantities

Today it’s much easier to print short runs of large posters thanks to newer and less expensive generation ink jet printers. Many large office supply stores, such as Office Depot, along copy shops like Kinko’s, have a poster printer available. Read More…

Posted by: AG | April 6, 2010

Why customers use print brokers

Why don’t customers deal directly with a management company’s suppliers?

By Steve Laker

Because print brokers’ suppliers only deal with the trade (managers and brokers). If they were to deal directly with customers, they would need to employ sales staff and incur the salaries and indirect costs associated therewith. They can’t justify such an expense with their individual, specific offerings, so they out-source their sales on a part-time basis to print brokers, along with other suppliers offering different goods and services. Read More…

Posted by: AG | April 2, 2010

More about using print brokers

By Steve Laker

Who are print managers’ customers?

Their customers include individuals, members of the public, sole traders, small, medium and large companies; government departments, local authorities and charities.

In any case – whether sole trader or multi-national corporation – each of their customers are equally important to them and customers use print managers or brokers for the service which an out-sourced supplier can provide in procuring their printing. Read More…

Posted by: AG | March 30, 2010

Working with Printing Brokers

By Steve Laker

In much the same way that other commodities can be brokered (insurance, mortgages, pensions etc.), so too can print: that’s what print brokers or managers do.

They act as an out-sourced sales solution to their trade-only suppliers. Those suppliers maintain low overheads by – among other means – not employing dedicated sales staff of their own: they out-source sales on a part-time basis to print management companies. Those companies then represent a “collective” of printers, who together offer a complete printing solution. During the 1980s, my company Allen Glazer Associates, acted as a printing broker for a number of larger companies which needed our all-in-one service, including graphic design, printing, and direct mail.  We later became Corporate Printing and Mailing where much of our work was handled in-house. Read More…

Posted by: AG | March 17, 2010

New Printing Industry Trends

The emergence of digital and Internet technologies in recent years have brought about new printing trends that will forever change the printing industry. These printing industry trends have changed the way companies do business from the design to the printing phase of operations. Read More…

Posted by: AG | March 13, 2010

Stages of Production

The purpose of this section is to create a birds-eye view of the different stages of print production. Someone could, as part of their job, be involved in one or more of these stages. And of course, the person who oversees or in some way coordinates these various stages of the “print job” are often called “print production managers.” Read More…

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