RR Donnelley Receives IKEA’s Tulip Award as Best Global Printer of Flyers and Brochures

CHICAGO, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company announced today that it has been recognized with IKEA Group’s Tulip Award as its best global printer of flyers and brochures. Demonstrating the breadth of its service platform, RR Donnelley draws on its in facilities in Connecticut, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Texas and Nevada to produce flyers, brochures and catalogs for IKEA.

Surviving in a Difficult Economy
In preparation for the upcoming Graph Expo, I interviewed several senior printing industry executives to gain insight into how they are dealing with these difficult economic conditions. For the short term, it appears that the impact will be negative, as some industries are taking drastic steps to survive.

The implications for the printing industry are significant. From 1998 to 2006 the total number of printing establishments fell by 6,901 (18.3% decline) and the number of employees dropped by 170,000 (22.4% decline). The only segment of the printing industry showing an increase is digital printing, which is up nearly 300% in terms of establishments and 250% in regard to employees.

College newspapers cutting production to break even

The Daily Californian, UC-Berkeley’s 137-year-old independent newspaper, announced Aug. 25 that it would no longer produce a print edition on Wednesdays in an effort to break even in the 2008-2009 academic year. … In a time of economic crisis and widespread newsroom cuts, even college publications are beginning to feel the financial heat. … In an effort to keep up with commercial publications, college newspapers across the country-and not just those cutting print production-are experimenting with blogs, podcasts, videos and other exclusive online content.

Rhino Times stops Charlotte print edition, stays online

The Greensboro-based Rhinoceros Times has ceased print production of its Charlotte edition, with the newspaper citing declining ad revenue and higher production costs.

US: Politico’s plan to expand

Politico announced plans to expand and increase print production.  Politico was launched in 2007 and is now one of the most popular online sources for political news in the United States.  The print version is distributed free to offices on Capitol Hill with a circulation of 26,000 on Tuesday through Thursday when Congress is in Session.

The news comes as somewhat of a surprise considering that after the elections popular interest in politics is bound to drop.  Politico plans to increase to four print editions per week.  The new launch will coincide with a website redesign.  Plans to hire additional staff members, including reporters, editors, and Web engineers are also in the works

You can smell the fear as newspapers brace for 2009

…get a huddle of newspaper executives together in a late-night corner and what they want to know is, will we all survive?

The numbers are not good and will get worse before they get better. Analysts predict earnings declines of as much as 30% for the ad-dependent media sector. After flying back from New York last week, Martin Sorrell of WPP said he could “smell the fear”. The Sage of Soho believes next year will be really bad before a “big bounceback” in 2010. … The question is how many UK newspaper groups will survive the next 15 months and whether anything can be done to save them, particularly in the regions. Ad revenues have already fallen off a cliff.

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