Posted by: AG | March 13, 2009

Print verses Web Advertising


The number one reason to prefer the web over printed material is cost.  If we take advertising as a focal point for discussing the pros and cons of print media verses the web, we will need to recognize the basic fact that as of today, the web has become the preferred medium. 


This is especially true when you want an audience that is unlimited by distance.  Obviously, national companies selling products or services everywhere in the country, will benefit the most.  However, businesses trying to target just a local audience of potential customers, will need to consider the benefits more carefully.  In fact, for most local businesses that need to provide literature, staying with printed media may still be the best choice.


Here are some of the general differences to consider:


Web advertising

  • Easier to use colors
  • Animated content potential
  • Easily updated
  • Wider audience quicker
  • No printing and mailing costs


Print advertising

  • More detail on the printed page
  • Better layout potential
  • Typographic options unlimited
  • Photos and illustrations more attractive
  • Permanence of material – can be stored and filed away
  • Easier to read and carry


But clearly, when it comes to the general trend of advertising of all sorts, the web will eventually replace most print advertising.  There is obviously no better way of advertising your products or services than by having a website.  From the cost standpoint alone, the cost comparison is dramatic.  They estimate that on average the cost of advertising on the web is only a few percent of the cost for print advertising on a per capita basis. 


That’s why most businesses consider having a web site as essential to their success.  This is even more the case when a business is able to take orders from their web site and especially if they can receive payment.  For companies that have been using the web and have an established presence, their online orders have become the largest portion of their revenue. 


What’s also driving this change to online advertising  is the fact that most newspapers and magazines already have some kind of online presence.  In fact, the more advertisers support and use their online sites, the quicker the changeover will take place since the advertising revenue is their main source of income.  For some publications, especially free ones, advertising revenue can make up to 100% of their revenue. 


Another key benefit to online advertising is the fact that the web can more and more allow the advertiser to target their readership.  Computer analysis by various online media can help the advertiser pinpoint exactly who will see their ads.  And after their ads are viewed, the advertiser can receive statistical analysis of their ads viewers.  This kind of feedback information can tell the advertiser details such as how many viewers saw the ad, the date and time, where they came from, geographic details, what they clicked on afterwards, how long they visited, and more. 


In summary then, the new powerful demographic targeting ability, the feedback details, and the much lower cost, will continue driving previous print advertisers to the web.


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