Posted by: AG | August 27, 2011

Introduction to Papers

The last article on controlling costs discussed the importance of ordering the ideal quantity. I explained how ordering too many or too few can be expensive. In this article, we’ll deal with the most tangible part of the print production process – selecting the right paper. I won’t be able to tell you what paper to use for your job, however, but I’ll give you pointers about making that decision. Your goal is selecting the right paper.
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Posted by: AG | May 20, 2011

Types of Paper

In this article I’ll cover the main paper types you’ll need to know when working with printers. For newcomers to the field of print production a lot of the terminology is far from intuitive, so you just need to learn it any way you can. Read More…

Posted by: AG | May 8, 2011

Print Production Problems

Once you’ve worked out the marketing strategy carefully, the design of your mailing package is tops, your copy was written by a pro, and your mailing list is on its way. Now all that’s left to do is call your printer and have him pick up the job. Right?


If you think so, you could be throwing away money – lots of it – without realizing it.

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Posted by: AG | April 30, 2011

What Is “Print Production”

The idea behind this site is to discuss print production as opposed to graphic design.   They are not the same despite what many print buyers think.  A few analogies of the difference might help:  the architect (a designer) as opposed to a carpenter or builder; a furniture designer as opposed to the manufacturer; or getting even more extreme, a movie screenwriter as opposed to the director.  Basically, one works at their desk with a computer.  Others work with their five–or six–senses, in the tangible and real world.


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Posted by: AG | February 5, 2011

Quality Control – part one

If you’ve been using a particular printing company for a while, you shouldn’t have a hard time rating them for quality, price, and service. Their skill and accuracy can be measured visibly, their cost can be analyzed and compared, and their reliability can be examined in hindsight. But what about printers you’ve never used before, know little about and are considering using? Can they also be rated those same ways beforehand?
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Posted by: AG | January 30, 2011

Quality Control – part three

Printing equipment

As mentioned in part two, the sales rep for the printer should be giving you samples of work they have produced similar to what you need. But if you’re producing a particular kind of piece, such as a catalog, and the printer you’re considering using already specializes in catalogs, then you have less to worry about. You know they have the right kind of equipment. That would help you focus on other issues, such as their cost estimate and turnaround time.
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